Let us enhance your brand through your Customer Service.

By trying to do it really really well we became different and set ourselves apart from the competition and since this is born out of doing it ourselves and improving every day, we know we will also be able to enhance your brand.

We believe your people are the key to creating brand defining Customer Service.

The Lebara Culture became so strong that one of the team even had a tattoo when he left to go back to his home country so he would always remember us.

Our proven methods of recruitment, training and motivational performance management will provide you with a more engaged workforce and a strong base of loyal & recommending customers.


How will we transform your Contact Centre?

Our team will work with you to develop a culture to match your brand and chosen customer experience.

We will help you differentiate yourself from all other contact centres through a cult-like culture which builds an amazing environment of self development, belonging and happiness and will define how your people treat your customers and one another.


It all starts with your people...


  • The way the roles are advertised and using a very specific recruitment assessment process where we hire applicants predominantly based on their alignment to the experience and their natural character.
  • We have an exceptionally unique way of how we train and culturally induct your people using all 5 senses and mind tagging to recall information.
  • We transform your management team so they believe in your brand, are judged and measured on employee engagement, reinforce the right behaviours and motivate their team ongoing to deliver “best in class” results.


...Loving what they do will drive your performance, your focus, your success and retain not only your customers but also your staff and ultimately enhance your brand through your Customer Service.

If you would like us to help you transform your contact centre then please get in touch - contact us.



What We Will Do For You

Customer Experience Outsourcing

We know looking after your customers in the right way has a return. We can help design the experience your customers receive.

Experience Design

By doing it for ourselves really really well, we became different. Explore who we are and some of the unique tools we use to create experiences.


We are not for everyone, but if you really value and care about your customers, then we might just be the right fit for you.