Case Study






The experience customers receive has to be specific to the target market.


Lebara’s services enable customers to make national and international calls. Based in eight countries, it targets migrants who need to call back “home” to stay in touch with friends and family. Started in 2001, its customer base has increased to 3.5million customers across these territories making over 300 million calls per month. Its USP decreed from the founder and CEO is about quality of service to its customers knowing that this provides long term dividends in the retention and loyalty of these customers.


This philosophy is evident through the contact centre being situated at head office, at the heart of the business, in the City of London. The Centre is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and operates the full range of services from voice (Inbound and Outbound - for Activations,  Welcome Calls and Acquisition) to non voice (email and chat). The centre totals almost 300 staff and can service 30+ different languages.


By running an efficient, slick, well managed centre and by using our experience design method and implementing our unique tools, Lebara has evolved its customer service offering to become one of the best in Europe as evidenced through the 5 awards won in 2011.


This journey started by designing an experience that was authentic to Lebara roots and importantly relevant to the target market. Initially, the experience was trialled and proved a success against key metrics. By focusing on every element we went about transforming the culture and focus of the operation. The first focal point was the staff and how we recruit. We changed the way we advertise, screen and select through a redesign of the assessment centres. We were looking for people who could relate to the customer experience and natural caring tendencies. We were not looking for previous call centre experience. The induction programme was transformed to focus on conversational design and call handling techniques rather than systems, process and procedure. The induction embraced every aspect of the service to ensure the candidates understood and believed in the product and service. The focus then switched to management. All managers were selected and managed under the same criteria and were judged on their engagement levels and focus on coaching and development. Through constant engagement and feedback with all levels of staff all aspects of the operation have been reviewed and improved.


Through this transformation Lebara saw its NPS score rise from 0% to 60+% and saw its customer retention rate increase. It achieved its core service level month on month whilst exceeding its efficiency target (utilisation) of 85%. This was all delivered against a reduction in costs of 20%.