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By trying to do it really really well we became different.


Loyalty and recommendations  matter and we know looking after customers has a return.

embrace-u has been born out of Lebara Mobile Customer Services and doing it for ourselves and improving everyday.

We have a proven track record of improving loyalty, efficiency and we have won awards across Europe.


embrace-u will transform how you interact with your customers and ultimately set you apart from the crowd.


We have implemented some unique methods shown on the right that we would love to talk you through - contact us


We are passionate and committed to creating an amazing customer experience that will enhance your brand through your own customer’s word of mouth.

Providing three services to its clients:


We know it all begins with your employees and the embrace-u method will help in creating a culture in line with your own values and customer expectations.

We are confident in our proven methods and look forward to embracing-u.