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What if someone cared for your customers the way you do, or better? Your customers are too important to just give away.
Matthew Kemp,
Managing Director
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Best European Large Contact Centre 2012

Lebara Customer Service team together with embrace-u have won yet another award for the ‘Best Large Contact Centre’ in the European Call Centre and Customer Service Awards 2012.

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This journey started by designing an experience that was authentic and relevant to Lebara's target market. Through this transformation Lebara saw its NPS score rise from 0% to 60+% and its customer retention rate increase. It achieved its service level month on month and exceeded its utilisation target of 85%, whilst reducing costs by 20%.


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Customer Experience Outsourcing

We know looking after your customers in the right way has a return. We can help design the experience your customers receive.

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By doing it for ourselves really really well, we became different. Explore who we are and some of the unique tools we use to create experiences.


We are not for everyone, but if you really value and care about your customers, then we might just be the right fit for you.